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Bike Insurance ??

After months of indecision as to what to get, this weekend saw me place an order for a new bike. Having spent a reasonable amount I now want to look at insurance options. Does anyone have any experience, recommendations or tales to tell here ?? I'm only looking at UK cover.

Thanks in advance.........


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    HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Ever consider not getting it insured & taking the risk yourself. Yes it costs a lot but so does decent insurance on a decent bike. Work through the actual risks of when will it be unattended, where is it to be stored etc.

    A mate of mine never insures any property apart from his house (fire, earthquakes etc) but not contents & has the legal minimum on his car. In 30 years one burglar got away with £250 worth of stuff that wasn't missed. My mate's quids in. You also have to avoid extended warranties & the like and expect the odd hit.

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    Good points made Harry re general insurance versus risk. I'll give that some thought.

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    I suppose it depends how expensive your bike is, but I was quoted £250 to insure two bikes. My standard insurance already covers it if on my property and most of the time that it is away from my property I will be on it. So £250 just to insure for the odd occassion that I chain it up somewhere sounded a lot to me.

    I invested in an expensive lock that offered the most security possible and left it at that.
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    Thanks SuperCaz - I'm beginning to come around to your way of thinking and have now found out that my home contents insurance does cover it.


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