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Ironman wales entered - Help!

Hello all, can anybody provide some advice please?  I have entered ironman wales 2014 and I am currently in the market for a new bike, but which one??? I regularly cycle 60/80 miles, but will up that for IM. regular hill rider, live in yorkshire dales. Had narrowed it down to tcr advanced 0 or boardman 9.2s. These suitable bikes or any other suggestions?


  • Thanks for any help

  • i am currently riding a Ridley Dean RS with many changes. and now looking at the Boardman. its got all the boxes ticked and reading about the test rides its looking better than all the other options. failing that then cervelo P2 buy it straight from R&A in newyork and have it fitted at planet x maybe a cheap option. PS don't go crazy on the bike section save yourself for a nackering run. the swim was easy with a down hill run into T1.

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