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Best 5k bike for IM distance

After everyones thoughts regarding the best 5k bike for IM distance.  Up to now I have been racing on a Giant Trinity 0 and would like to treat myself to a new bike.  At the moment I am between the Boardman TTE 9.8 Di2 and the Specialized Shiv Pro Race.  The Boardman has the Di2 but I am concerned about where to place food.  The Shiv has the magura brakes and the fully intergrated food and drinking system.  Any ideas or other options very welcome.


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113

    Are you putting nutrition and food placement above bike fit and comfort. There are numerous after market contraptions to stick on the bike for nutritional purposes and spending 5k is a hefty wad of cash, so a few pounds on afte sales extras won't matter. Fit is king, don't get fixated with the sales gimmicks.

  • Thank jonE, my LBS stated the same.  Got a bit tied up with the issue, but as a long course virgin its almost like starting the sport again.  Going with the Boardman with a Retul fit, very excited.  Thanks for the advice

  • You could have gone for the Orbea Ordu with di2 - £5200. Streets ahead of the Boardman in terms of quality, development and obviously with the fastest 70.3 and Ironman bike splits....

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