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Hi all, I'm new to triathlon and need a bike. Some of them are very expensive, I have a low budget of £500. What advice would you give me for type and sizing? 

Thank Mel x


  • Hi Mel,

    Depends what type of thing you're looking for! You can do a triathlon on any bike really (I've seen all sorts at events, from full TT bikes to MTBs to old-school Raleighs!) but generally most beginners will go for a road bike that enables you to get a bit of speed up, but can also be used for commuting/daily cycling if need be.

    On this budget, you'll get more for your money if you go second-hand so check out the classifieds on this forum, or eBay. Just make sure you ask load of questions about the bike's history, how often the components have been serviced etc and get the right frame size for your height!

    If you're set on a new bike though, the good news is the January sales will soon be coming (if you can wait that long). Or for a range of decent bikes, competetively priced, I'd check out the Boardman range at Halfords.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Helen, I have seen the Boardman range at Halfords, I did wonder if they were any good?? 

    Regards Mel x

  • Yep - we've rated them well in bike tests in the past. Best thing to do is just try a couple and see if they suit you!



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