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Why Tri Harder


Hi everyone,

As a beginner to the triathlon scene I wanted to keep a track of my progress. I have started a blog:


I imagine many of you are in the same basket as me and can relate to all of the trials and tribulations of my training.

Hope you all enjoy it, please follow and feel free to comment or contact me!


Thanks guys,


Matthew Skinns


  • Tri FlyTri Fly Posts: 10

    Hi Matthew

    Just read your blog. well done.

    From personal experience just keep it interesting. Varied training works great. Stops one getting stale and board. I have always worked on the following principles. Lots of sleep but get up early. Log your daily training distance time type how you are feeling that day. Have fun.

    Any way have fun keep it fresh. Yes there are many trials and tribulations but always remember everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.

  • SkinzySkinzy Posts: 4

    Great advice, thank you! This is what I wanted to achieve - interaction with other triathletes of all levels to hopefully pick up some tips and hopefully give people some enjoyment in reading my blog.

    Hope you'll keep reading!

    Thanks again



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