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70.3 plan needed for newbie



I am entering the UK 70.3 in June for charity. I am not a triathlete really and am not in the best of shape either.


What I'm after is a plan to get me ready for this event on the 15th June. I am dedicated to doing this but just need to get a decent plan. My goal is to just finish, not to break any records!


The plans on here all start a bit too high for the 70.3s.


If someone would like to help me I'd be ever so grateful!!!




  • Try buying/downloading Don Fink's book on the HIM.  I found that it really helped me.  It has a newbie schedule too

  • Have a look at http://tritontriathlon.com/home, it's in test mode and free at present. Put in your race date etc. and it gives you a plan. I've transferred it to an excel spreadsheet as I won't be able to afford to pay when it goes to being 'live'! I've dropped a day's training to give me 2 rest days, it's about adapting it to suit you

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