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Wetsuit for a heavy leg swimmer

Hello all,

I'm new to all this triathlon business. A few of my mates have already taken the plunge and done a few Olympic distance tri's. I'm looking to do the same. I've been training - swimming and running at the moment. Swimming is my weak link. I've been going to the pool for a few months practicing my crawl. i struggle with breathing and being able to do continuos lengths. Now, I am looking to buy a wetsuit in the next few months. I have heavy legs. I'm not very streamlined. I want to get a wetsuit that will assist my buoyancy in the water. This will be my first wetsuit purchase, so I don't want to break the bank. Any advice would be helpful!

Thanks in advance.



  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Hi John

    There are lots of online companies that allow you to rent a wetsuit for the season for a reasonable price.  I would reccommend http://www.tri-running.co.uk/ as they are a local shop to me and they are very knowledgable.  There are others around if you do a Google search.  Whoever you decide to give your hard earned cash to, give them a ring and they will suggest the best wetsuit for you.

    Have fun!

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