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Hello, I am entered in for IM Wales 2014. I am treating myself to a new bike, road rather than TT as live in Hilly Yorkshire Dales and need something practical to train on and complete the hilly bike course in Tenby.  Stuck between Boardman 9.4 Air and a Giant TCR advanced 1 with upgraded wheels (possibly Mavic Carbone SLE).  I have 3.5k budget (stretch 4K).  Anybody any opinions on these or other options for bike at that budget?  Much appreciated.  Thanks.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    can you get to a shop to try them out with a suitably well-qualified bike bod there as well? i'm pretty sure both those bikes will do you a great job, but i would suspect there is little practical between them in terms of spec for 3.5k. at some point you could as easily make the decision based on which is the nicer colour!

    you should ride them both, and spend some time if you can in a shop trying them, and others, out. with a good bike shop owner/bod they should be able to help you identify which frames work for your body shape and riding style. also,  nothing will go quicker than a bike that fits you properly, so set some of that budget for a proper fit - you won't regret it.

    i'd also factor in some budget for bits and bobs (tribars, hydration systems, shoes, pointy wizards hat). it's easy to watch spend on those things get big! unless you own all that shiny stuff already...


    good luck in tenby! 


  • Felt AR. Reversible seatpost (the others dont have that) so you can have a road bike AND a tt bike in one. Comfortable, lightweight, superb value, inpeccably developed. The problem with Felt is that they make awesome bikes but they dont do adverts as well as Boardman. 

    So...Felt AR4, FFWD F6R carbon wheelset (or similar) for £3500. 

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