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running shoes for severe over pronation

Hi guys, I have entered my first triathlon this year after having success in open water events and was looking for a perfect pair of running trainers. I have been told that I severley over pronate and my current shoes (newtons mv2) cause my ankles and later knees to be in agony after a simple 1 hour run. I don't want the new shoes to be too bulky as I liked the lightness of the newtons! any advice/ recommendations would be gratefully accepted? Thanks


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i'm a mild pronator and have used saucony (onmi and grid), brooks (adrenaline and t7) and puma (faas 350s) over the last few years. i'm also predominantly a mid-foot striker.

    any shoe is rather fit dependent - saucony seem to fit me better than brooks (or at least brooks' more recent versions of their shoes). i am a huge fan of the pumas - they are light, soft and give me just the right amount of support (it depends on what you need). they are a racing shoe, though, and so wear much more quickly (i get about half the mileage out of them).

    i have friends with asics supportive shoes and they have been positive. 

    if you love the newtons then could you consider orthotics so that you get the shoe you want with the support you need?

  • Do not buy orthotics. If you did your ligaments would you still run but with a crutch? No, orthotics are crutches for weak feet. Feet have muscles that need to be strengthened just like any others.

    If you are in mv2s and are a severe over pronator I would suggest stepping back from such a minimal, light, aggressive shoe. Look at the Newton Energy which can have 2 different drop heights to allow for a transition to minimal running. Over pronation is only a major issue when heel striking as your heel acts as a pivot for uncontrolled over pronation which will lead to ankle, knee, hip issues etc - if you are fore foot striking then possibly be patient...work into the shoes but dont only run in one pair, get 2 or 3 styles and move between them to strengthen feet and ankles.

  • Hi Benjaminmin,

    I'm an overpronator too and have tried all kinds of shoes over the years (including Newtons and I can see why you like them!). Couple of recent shoes I've tested that you might like to try:

    • The New Mizuno Wave Inspire 10. It has the structuring in the sole of previous models (ie the 'Wave' plate), but the upper is now of single piece construction and a lot lighter. I've found they give me the support I need but feel a lot more 'minimalist'. Only trouble is they're bright white and as I run on muddy trails a lot they now look (ahem) rather grubby.
    • The Brooks Transcend. I just started running in these for a 220 test and so far, so good. The concept is they support your natural running gait rather than trying to change it, by using 'guide rails' round the edge of each shoe. They're very plush though, so it you're looking for something with a more minimal feel they may not be what you're after.

    Whichever shoes you go for though - remember to build up distance in them slowly (ie don't go and do 10miles in brand new shoes, which is the mistake I always make....!)

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