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Just wondering if planet X bikes are any good? Was looking at Planet X N2A but can't find any good reviews?


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    risris Posts: 1,002

    i think that for the money they make pretty good bikes, and wheels.

    you will find many p-x's at tris, duas, sportives and in clubs. they have a good rep, and certainly their tt/tri frames are well regarded for the value they offer. if you can find a place that stocks them for fitting (and some places do, i think) then it might help you get the right frame.

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    I am riding a Planet X stealth  I got last year. I am very happy with it and its a lot of bike for the money.  Also very upgradable.

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    Thank you for your replies. They are much appreciated!

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    px bikes are reasonable ways to buy groupsets but notvgreat for bikes. look to upgradde the frame and wheels sharpish unless you like teitchiness.


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    00snook00snook Posts: 1

    I went to the Planet X showroom in Sheffield last week, and I can confirm that the N2A is light, and has a good spec at the price.  Was not bowled over by the quality of the frame though


    Was thinking of one myself; however I have recently been researching into Dolan bikes also, so you might want to check them out.  Good spec, but much much more customisable (spelling?).

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    RyanI88RyanI88 Posts: 2

    I have had my planet x pro carbon tour de france edition for nearly a year now. Th bike itself is great the showroom was great and the price was especially great. The only problem I have is with the tubular wheels (but the N2A comes with 50mm carbon clinchers). It must've been a new guy fitting them because they're not the best. 

    All in all very worth it!

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    Twitchy, shoddy, cheap.

    Try it and other bikes around the same price. Having ridden far too many bikes for my own good PX are among the worst. It isn't a snobbery thing, I simply don't understand when £1k+ became a 'punt' instead of something to be based around testing, development and quality. 

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