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Only worn for 3 races last year, Rother Valley Sprint, Ripon OD and Helvellyn so in superb condition. Check the link below for sizing details:


Ideal as starter wetsuit

£50 plus postage


  • Hey there.

    Hi might well be interested in this suit. I looked at the sizing chart and it seems about right. I have a 37 - 38inch chest. In your opinion is this suit gonna fit? My current suit is a bit baggy on the chest despite fitting well elsewhere.

    Regards, Derek.
  • pkdo75pkdo75 Posts: 20
    Just got my wife to measure my chest and it's 38" so would imagine it will fit nicely.
  • I which case I could Paypal you £50, if you would pick up the postage.

    Regards, Derek.
  • pkdo75pkdo75 Posts: 20
    Sorry but not that desperate to sell in a hurry so unless your'e prepared to pay postage then it'll remain unsold. I'm absolutely positive it will sell as we approach Open water season. Postage is £4.95.

  • good luck with the sale
  • Hi,

    Is this suit still available?

    If so the only question I've got is I reckon I'm in the middle for most of the sizing stuff, apart from being 5ft 8... do you reckon it'd make much difference?
  • pkdo75pkdo75 Posts: 20
    Yes it's still for sale....

    Sizewise, the manufacturers sizing guides are a bit vague to say the least. I'm 5'9", 70kg and it fits great. Obviously a SMT wetsuit won't fit a 5'9" guy the same as someone who is 6' and theres a huge difference between 68 and 78kgs, it's a case of preference and ideally trying before you buy. I didn't and was advised to go for a size which is closest to my height and weight and this suit has been fine for me. I was split between the SM and SMT and was advised again by the guys at TFN to chose the SMT as I am at the bottom end of it's height range. If you're 5'8" you fall into 3 suit ranges so it'll depend on your weight I guess.

    Sorry to complicate things but only you can decide. It sounds more complex that it is really so let me know what you reckon.

    Cheers, Paul
  • Hay paul,

    Do you still have this suit??

    If so any chance I can get a picture???

    You can mail me at [email protected]

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Any chance you could drop photos to jock_sbfcAThotmail.co.uk? And whereabouts are you?

  • Have you sold your wetsuit yet? Would like to buy it.
  • pkdo75pkdo75 Posts: 20
    Still for sale, if you're interested let me know or I'm taking it to our first club race of 2011 on Saturday morning. Won't be about the rest of the weekend as I'm doing the marathon so text me on 07818268159.


  • m8sklm8skl Posts: 1
    Private message sent. Regards Jonathan
  • esqua83esqua83 Posts: 1
    I know I'm a year late on this, but is your suit sold? I live in Tokyo, for I cant find sive SMT.
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