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best fast wetsuit for a buoyant female strong swimmer

Hi all,
I'm going long distance open water this year (5 miles-ish) and have made really good progress with my stroke technique recently. Now I'd like advice on finding a fast/shoulder flexible wetsuit that will suit my style (swimsmooth swinger)
Any advice please would be welcome as I've been told I need one that doesn't have buoyancy in my legs as I have a good leg position and it'd make my back ache sitting too high.

I would of course rather go wetsuit free but some swims I'm doing they're compulsory.I'm not bound by budget as I'd rather buy a great suit that I can get the most out of rather than buy one that doesn't quite hit the mark...I was looking at the Ocra Predator or Mako Extreme or B-first as makes that I read about from reviews on the web but I'm still not sure what's best - any pearls of wisdom or suggestions would be gratefully received!


  • Hi Alice, 


    I would also check out the Orca 1.5 Alpha, which will give you the same upper body flexibility is the RS1 Predator with a bit less buoyancy and also less of an outlay.

    Hope this helps?

    Ian (Orca)

  • Many thanks, I'm also going to try the Huub 3:3 Aura which is neutral buoyancy and v flexible...


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i would really recommend trying before you buy - unless you are happy blowing £300+ on something that doesn't fit properly and might end up being a hindrance!

    how you swim and your body shape is unique to you, so try a few brands/suits out. there are shops with endless pools, or who will help you work out what fit works best for you. the best suit for you might not be the one that meets the criteria on paper - you might find that when you are in the water with it the fit is wrong, or the balance of shoulder/leg neoprene isn't right.

  • Agree with Ian - Orca Alpha 1.5. Brilliant suit.

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