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Reynolds RZR 92 Wheelset

i have for sale Reynolds RZR 92 Wheels, insanely fast, super light. Shimnano/Sram freehub body.

price 1300gbp

I have ridden these wheels exactly 130mile`s . Since moving to Germany I haven't touched my tri bike so its time for you to enjoy these wheels. They are by far the best wheel I have ever ridden - stiff, good handling, and fast.

Comes with: front and rear wheel
Professionally glued Vittoria Open Corsa Tubular Tires 320 TPI (250 grams each)
The good valve stems- replaced original with Vittoria's extensions so no leaking on race day.
Reynolds blue carbon specific brake pads
Trek Speed Concept Skewers (aero and tuck away for fast)
Padded wheel bags
Magnet on rear wheel adjusted for space to frame (can be easily removed)

Weight of wheels is 1470 grams. With tires 1972 (tires 250 each).

There is no brake rub on the wheels- they look new. Enjoy and PR your next race!

I can`t attach photos here and for pictures email me at [email protected]




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