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training partners Widnes.

I'm a very keen runner and triathlons. But I have always trained On my own. Would like a triathlete to train with in Widnes, Cheshire. I'm mid 30's with two young kids. Hard to train in the day. My wife is not a runner! anyone out there?


  • Hi Karl,

    I know this is a while after posting but... I'm Warrington based if you ever fee like meeting for a run/ride? New to the area so have no-one to train with either.

    Email me: [email protected]

  • Hey. Thanks for reply.

    Good to know. I like running along the canal from Widnes to Stanley bridges. After New year would see if we can sort something.

    Am aiming for a good 70.3 race next year.

    Have a good Xmas.
  • Sankey bridges. Lol
  • Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the reply, do you have an email address or number to text you on?

    Am doing a couple of standard distances again this year and looking to do a 70.3 myself later next year. Would be good to meet up for a few long runs?


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