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IM Sweden 2015 - Family Travel

My wonderful wife has come up with the suggestion of my being allowed to do IM Sweden in 2015 as my first full distance IM as it would seem like a great place to be for a family holiday afterwards! - are there any companies out there that would take care of all of the travel arrangements including bike transfer so I can save the time spent on sorting all of this and use this time on training - as well as take all of the stress out all of this when travelling?


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Nirvana Travel


    Very expensive but very efficient.

    If taking your family it would probably work out much cheaper to organise your own trip.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    +1 for nirvana... i think they might be the only viable option for you for Kalmar. I doubt they will do the family holiday afterwards for you, although it never hurts to ask! i know quite a few who use them for all their overseas im experiences.

    i raced at im kalmar in 2013 and it was fantastic. flat as an ironed pancake, though, and has a tendency to be a bit breezy (oland, the big island that forms the bulk of the bike leg, is known as the land of sun and wind). 

    be prepared, though, sweden isn't a cheap place to do a lot of eating out. i was on a pretty tight budget (if such a thing for ironman was possible), and camped on the edge of kalmar. they have cabins there for family sized groups, if that sort of thing appeals. you can get direct trains to kalmar from kobenhavn if you'd rather not drive. 

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