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I am taking part in an Olympic Distance event on June 15th and the training plans I have found and am following all build up to the day.

The problem I have is that I have now signed up to take part in a second event on August 10th and all training plans seem to be a build up to the distance on event day. 

Hopefully I will have completed the distance in the first one so will hope to complete the second event in an improved time, should I dial the training back slightly to rest/repair or ramp it up to give me the best possible chance.

FYI, i completed my first Olympic in 2012 in 3:21 and would like to break 3 hours this year.


Thanks for any advice,




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    6 weeks between races is quite a while. have a slight recovery (week? few days? whatever you need) and then pick up where you left off. if you feel that the plan gives you confidence then just do the last 5 weeks of the second one (it should have a peak and taper in there) . 


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