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Cycling accident, help

As i was exiting a roundabout while cycling a car hit the rear of my bike. I stayed on the bike and have no injuries but the bike suffered having damage to the frame (Trek Madone 4.5) and the wheel (Mavic Ksyrium Elite S).

The driver was insured and has admitted liability to his insurers, but i am waiting to hear from them as far as an offer. I'm hoping to have the whole bike replaced rather than just the frame and rear wheel.

I have 2 triathlons within the next 6 weeks but have been told that a bike replacement and bike fit could take up to 8 weeks. I could hire a bike from Tri-UK but don't really feel happy riding a bike i'm not used to.

Has anyone had this problem before (i'm sure someone has) and what are my options with sourcing a new bike?


  • could you contact the insurance company and tell them you need a bike and hire one and charge it to the insurance much like you would hire a lease car ? even if you were to hire it could you still get a fit as part of this.

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Sadly I suspect that if you want to wait for the insurance replacement then you are at the mercy of the insurers timescale. Hiring a bike (and possibly passing the cost back to the insurers if they will wear it as Lee suggests) is probably the best quick fix solution if it looks likely are going to drag their feet much.

    Alternatively, you could cough up for the bike you want now and hope the insurance payout covers it later. Might be an issue with short term affordability/cashflow, though.

    Have you got a legal side pushing the insurers at all? If you are a member of the btf (and u the British cycling/ctc as well) then they have legal support available to you that might help speed things up.
  • jonno_da17jonno_da17 Posts: 8

    Thanks for the replies, sorry for the delay in replying.

    I have managed to borrow some bits off 3 bikes and put together so i can get back on the road and do Blenheim Tri next week.

    I have contacted the insurance company (Elephant.co.uk) on 3 occasions and they have not even had time to acknowledged my claim even though they have admitted their client is liable. They were coming back to me with the possibility of hiring a bike but heard nothing!! I am going to seek legal advice and threaten them with the Insurance Ombudsmen. ( it might work). 

    The bike i want, a VO2 is at the top of my limit but as i cannot be sure how much the insurers are going to cough up so buying it now is not an option, so i am going to persevere with the borrowed kit for now.

    Thanks for your replies and i will keep you updated




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    glad to hear you have something to race blenheim on, john. when it hurts on the bike leg imagine stamping on some insurers to keep the motivation high!

    i've read many good things about the btf/british cycling/ctc third party insurer help - people like bikeline get positive referrals. sadly, and it seems an unnecessary cost to add to all our premiums, insurers seem to be good at fobbing people off, but mysteriously respond to legal professionals...

  • jonno_da17jonno_da17 Posts: 8

    Thanks ris

    Thanks for your comments.

    Stamping on the pedals imagining its the insurer is a great idea, will do that all the way round! After 5 weeks of no bike riding my legs are taking a real battering!!

    I have now heard from the insurance company after 4 weeks and mysteriously the replacement quote and the photo's have disappeared, so i have resent them.

    Once the new bike is locked away safely in the garage i will definitely be adding third party insurance. 

    Bring on Blenheim.



  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Hope everything gets sorted out for you.

    Some of the benefits of joining Triathlon England are pasted below


     Following an accident all it takes is a phone call and everything is sorted out for you. I realise its a bit late for you now but something to consider in the future

  • Woohoo.

    Had a call from the insurers today making me a very reasonable offer. It took a lot of calls and a threat on my part but we got there.

    I'll be joining Triathlon England, and have an independent insurance policy. We cyclists do come under fire because we can use the road without insurance (i do have personal injury cover) but this has made me think of the benefits of joining a recognised organisation. My next port of call is to VO2 Cycling to have a look at one of their machines. Thanks for your comments guys. 
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    sounds like a brilliant result! hope you find something nice to make the suffering and wait worthwhile. 

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