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Number belt

1st sprint tri in under 2 weeks and training sorted (posting PB's in all 3) but seem to have forgotten to sort out the 'other bits'.

I'm assuming you display a number at the back in the cycle and then swivel it around to the front for the run? Do you just mark your arms for the swim (pool based)? Anyone recommend a good number belt?

Finally, apart from the swim, cycle, running, transition and collapsing! Is there anything else I should have remembered / be doing? Enjoying it is taken as read.


  • I think mines a Hilly one. Does the job, cheap as chips too. Think it was about a fiver from Sweatshop.

    One thing I forgot once and nearly again a second time was to take some photo ID for registration. I don't know if its a must for the race you are doing, but it was for mine and it only made things awkward for the race officials which made me look and feel a bit silly right before the race.

    As for the written number, the race officials will write that on your arm and leg at registration.

    There's a few topics floating around on here and generally online where people have done triathlon 'checklists'. Worth having a look at before a race I would say.

    Good luck though! Hope you enjoy it!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I made my own race belt. Old hiking touser belt with a clip buckle thingy. cut it in half took about 2 inches our of it, soed in some elasctic and put back together. works a treat! cost £1 to buy and make.

    As for what else. Have you considered drinks and gels? I would make sure you get fluids in on the bike.

    I suppose the last thing is are you ok with the course and rules for transition?

    Dont touch your bike without your helmet on and take your helmet off after reracking your bike.

    Just enjoy it. PB's are always good but as this your first its gonna be a PB anyway!!!
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