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iron man or not

can some one please answer the question of when is an iron man  not an iron man. I am contemplating doing an iron man next year and after looking around at all the races I am confused , with a lot of iron distance races around but only a few under the iron man banner what is the difference between them. eg challenge Weymouth or iron man uk ? Do you have to do an official titled iron man race to be an iron man ? hope some one can help.


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Bugger - second time that's happened - stupid phone...

    Basically "ironman" is a brand, but lots of other very good events are put on by others using the same distances (often called iron- full- or long-distance). Challenge and enduroman (and others) put on great, well organised, full distance races.

    They can't call themselves "ironman" because they aren't run by the branded organisation. If the name matters then it might be that you feel a branded event is what you do, if it is about the distance then who cares what you call it?
  • Thanks , thought it may be something like that , not only a branded name but some are almost half the cost !!!!
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    cost is a huge issue - when you compare something like Big Woody to IMUK then it looks pretty insane. i'm not really a fan of 'big' races (the idea of london, windsor, blenheim, etc leave me a bit cold), but i took part in IM sweden last year and the experience was immense. 

    the crowds, the support and organisation before an after, all made it feel like an event that you were fortunate to be a part of. if i ever do one again then i think i'd save my pennies for a challenge or an IM branded on, just for the crowds. 

    having said that... the challenge of a horseman or celtman also appeals, for the ridiculous climbing and running up a mountain...

  • You do the distance you are an Ironman regardless of who is organising it !!

  • David BDavid B Posts: 16

    dont know your goals but If you want to try and qualify for Hawaii, you have to do this at an official Ironman sanctioned race 

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  • Plenty of 'iron distance' races in the UK not run by the Ironman brand.

    Outlaw (in Nottingham run by OSB Events) is in its 10th year and wins top awards year on year. Great organisation, a lot would say FAR better than the Ironman branded event. And 150 quid less expensive.

    Compare... IMUK cut the bike leg by 17 miles with no plan B this year when moorland fires were quite anticipatable.

    Lakesman (based in Keswick) another a fantastic friendly event with spot-on organisation.

    I look at it like this... the IM badge costs you 150 quid more for what seems to me to be inferior organisation to the best non- IM events.
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