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Zone 3 Aspire or Huub Aegis 3:5?

Hi All

I’m a sinky legged swimmer ( much quicker with pull buoy than without ) so  looking for best wetsuit buoyancy and flexibility Vs price. I’ve narrowed it down to a Zone 3 Aspire or a Huub Aegis 3:5 -  I appreciate the Aspire has higher RRP but I have an option on some discount which would bring it in line with the Aegis.  Given that choice can anyone advise on which they think is best?

Many thanks


  • Hi jht,

    Where are you buying from? If you're torn between two, is there anywhere you can get to that will let you test them both? A lot of it will come down to fit/flexibility and how well the suit fits you.

    I'm a sinky-legged swimmer too and I'd definitely recommend choosing a suit with more buoyancy in the legs, it does make a difference.

    Anyone else on here tested either of these suits?

  • jhtjht Posts: 2

    Hi Helen - many thanks for the article. Some good stuff in there that I'll have a crack at.

  • get to a shop and try some on. Dont fall for expensive adverts, get the right suit.

  • Nick DFNick DF Posts: 8
    I'd follow the Lots of excellent advice above. EBay can also be a great place to get a bargain. I snaffled a 2xu x:2 for silly money given it had an RRP of '650'.
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