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what wetsuit

morning guys,i'm new to this game and was after a little help,looking to di Bolton im next year and i'm going to start off with some open water swims to find my feet so to speak.I was looking at the orca alpha 1.5 or the zone 3 vanquish.would just like a bit of guidance if poss,cheers andy


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i'll be honest - got nothing to say specifically about either suit. they look like they'd do a fine job - lots of positive reviews and all that, and you'd expect them to a job for £400. 

    the right one for you is the one that fits you best and suits your swimming style (heavy legged, experienced swimmer etc). if you are just starting out then you could consider hiring a suit in the short term, which might mean you get some help with fitting and suit type. you could blow a big lump of money on something flash that might make you slower than a cheaper, simpler, suit. 

  • ditto above, but having tried both the alpha is a significantly better suit. Better made, better materials - neither fitted me properly mind you!

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