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 I am fairly new to triathlon and am training for my first ironman 70.3.  However I am struggling with my hydration.  At the moment I am so concerned to make sure that I don't need to stop for a loo break that I don't drink enough and end up with a massive dehydration headache and start to get fatigued after about an hour.

Can anyone advise me how much to drink, and when, so that I stay well hydrated and energised but don't need to stop for a convenience break?



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hi hazel - good luck with the first 70.3 

    i'm not sure there is a right amount - it's whatever works for you and may take a bit of trial and error. personally, i drink when i feel thirsty (usually every 10-15mins or so on the bike), but i also don't sweat a huge amount so don't tend to need much liquid.

    i think i'd prefer to stop for a wee than risk not drinking enough - the time you lose with a brief stop is less likely to be significant than a longer term drop in performance. and there are bigger risks of not drinking enough, particularly when you are training in warmer months (i'm under the misguided impression that we might get two summers in a row in the UK...). drink plenty and wee when you need - with any luck it won't be too often if you are working hard on the bike or run.

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    As Ris says there is no right amount to drink - your body is unique and far more sophisticated than the sports scientists funded by drinks companies who come up with a lot of flakey 'advice'. Do you suffer from headaches during races or need to stop for a pee? Overhydration can also lead to headaches (plus coma & death). Too much fluid & you'll pee, slight dehydration & you won't. A little bit more and you'll feel thirsty so drink then

    Dehydration studies during real races have shown considerably different results to those done in labs

    The American College of Sports Medicine who take this sort of thing quite seriously and review all the evidence state that you should drink liberally to satisfy your thirst

    Hope this helps



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