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Tri-Bars or New Wheels?


I have "competed" at 3 triathlons now & love it.

I can only really afford one bike upgrade ahead of my main event this year, City of B`ham OD in Sutton Park.

Which will make me go faster, a set of tri-bars or fast new wheels.

Bear in mind, event is in in 6 weeks & never used tri bars before, would 6 weeks be long enough to learn? Also the standard wheels on my Btwin Triban 3 2013 are like something Fred Flintstone did the Bedrock Tri in 11BC





  • risris Posts: 1,002

    depends on the budget - you might find that a £100 pair of wheels don't do that much, but a £400 pair will. if you spend £400 on aerobars then i'd expect them to drive the bike, though!

    6 weeks is time enough to learn to use aerobars, if you are prepared to get out and practice! 

  • Thanks for the advice.


    £200 all in is the most I want to spend. I saw these & am very tempted, heart says buy them, head says aerobars.



  • Listen to the head. The aerobars would save you the most time. However, you might feel a bit stiff to start with.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    plus... if you went for the bars you should have a bit left over to narrow the gap on some wheels a bit further down the line. if you look on some of the active bike forums there are often clipons to be had for relatively small amounts. 

  • Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

  • S RobS Rob Posts: 2

    if you already have wheels (true and round one's) and you don't have aero bars.

    Then aero bars will make much more difference than wheels at any budget.

    Look at yourself in the mirror and then look at your current wheels.

    Which is going to catch most air? .

  • Aerobars every time. Campag scirocco wheels are naff and, if buying through wiggle, are very unlikely to have a UK warranty if you do have issues. 

  • GiloGilo Posts: 2
    Tri bars all the way. I have some 2nd hand clip on tri bars and some deeper rim wheels that were (relatively) cheap at ??600 on my entry level giant defy4 and despite the wheels looking nice the cheap as chips aero bars make more difference.
  • James8011James8011 Posts: 44

    Think of your body frontage as a massive sail. TRI BARS Deda are good if  you can find them cheap £50 ish

    Some plugs and cheapish bar tape will help comfort

  • David BDavid B Posts: 16

    I'd go for a pair of good adjustable Tri bars and use the rest of the money on upgrading your tyres, that way you get improvement in both areas, a pair of Cont 4000s tyres will improve the bike feel for under £50

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