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Wetsuit & trisuit issue

Ok so a wetsuit is meant to be a second skin, check. Trisuit snug, check. However, being a complete newbie, I was wondering how do I get the wetsuit over the trisuit? Won't it bunch up? I have purchased body glide but you wouldn't put that on your trisuit? Any tips?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i think you're overthinking it  - don't worry about it - wetsuits fit over trisuits no problem. 

    the only place you might find a bit of bunching is the legs on the trisuit, but usually they are ok in practice. i've got a 2-piece trisuit and that's fine, too. sometimes i need to push the trisuit down a bit a the back, but once the wettie is off i tend to stop worrying how i look! 

    body glide (other lubricants are available) are for where the wetsuit meets you, not the trisuit - so back of neck, wrists and ankles where there might be friction or you want the suit to come off easier. 


  • StillmoreStillmore Posts: 25
    Thank you for this post. I am such a worrier and this my first triathlon (August) so nerves are kicking already. I will be trying the wetsuit on and doing afew swims in it so will put the trisuit on for that and just give it whirl.
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    good idea - you might find out where the trisuit doesn't quite cover enough and the wetsuit chafes. traditionally it is the back of the neck, but some people get chafe spots elsewhere and it's always good to find out ahead of race day. 

    which race in august?

  • StillmoreStillmore Posts: 25
    Virgin active London Triathlon, doing the super sprint.
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