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Ironman Lanzarote

David BDavid B Posts: 16

Hi all, some advice pls from those who have done Lanzarote IM, looking at completing in 2015, bike split should be around 7hrs, do you think a better bike split is possible with light road bike and clip ons OR aero TT bike?? reading up on course ie climbing, wind, descents etc I'm torn between the two....thanx


  • Hi Dave, I've never taken part in an Ironman (can't swim) but I lived on the island for a good number of years and trained on the bike course with several triathletes who did complete this ironman several times.

    0 - 75km are pretty nice smooth roads and by far the easiest sections of the bike course, once you hit Farmara (at sea level) the road becomes uneven and you are on a steady climb for the next 20km with the gradient steadily increasing all the way to the top.

    After the short descent into Haria be prepared on the next climb up to mirador de rio, as you pass the Guinate tropical park you will hit a 250 meter section of the climb which is brutally steep however you will soon be graced with the beautiful views of La Graciosa from the top of the mirador. The toughest sections of the bike course are now complete and you’re on the home run from Arrieta, the north easterly trade winds will have increased by this time of day and should give you some assistance heading south back to t2.

    A couple of things which worth thinking about, the morning weather is likely to be very overcast and feel quite cool (very deceiving) some years the mountain sections have been covered with low cloud but sure as day once you get past 1pm (ish) the clouds will burn away, the final part of the bike course might not feel that hot with the breeze blowing but once you start the run it will be clear blue sky and oven like temperatures until the sun sets.

    The answer to your original question in my opinion would be light road bike with clip on bars unless you can stay comfortable on tt bike whilst climbing solid for a good 60 minutes or more on not so good roads, don't be shy on gears go with some nice easy gearing for those hills after all your legs will be happy with this choice later during the run.

    Best of luck

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