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Fuji noncom straight 2.1

Hi, I am looking to get a tt bike and am looking to get as much as I can for my money. Recently came across fuji noncom straight 2.1 and would fit my budget of ??2500. Has anyone got one and what are people views. Thanks stu


  • A bike is only as good as its motor.




    I looked at the norcom. I can't  find the wind tunnel results, but they seem to be the most aero bikes at the moment(not all data is available). And added stiffness and weight. (sub 8kg with pedals.)

    You will need to look carefully at sizing if you can get the fit off the peg its fine but a friend said a stem cost her $280 usd so check with evans on this cost. Stems fit inside the frame slightly and a standard will not fit properly. 

    I know it is not exactly what you want to know, but rides behave differently with the rider.

    I am not getting one because they do not fit me, and I cannot justify the stem expense ( if they did I would)

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