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Getting into Triathlons


For the last year i've been Road/Crit racing which i enjoy but purely cycle training gets a bit boring.


After a couple of runs i started to enjoy it and putting that along with cycling that just leaves swimming which fortunately i can do, so i thought why not try and get into Triathlons.

Im going to give running a shot along with swimming over the next couple of months and if all goes well i will join a club.

Around my area there is two clubs i like the look of one is £55yr and the other is £300 the cheaper one seems to have a well structured set up and included in the £25pm(£300) membership you get coaches at each training session which is what i want.

What should i look at when joining a club, the expensive clubs called Evolution.




  • risris Posts: 1,002
    See if you can pop along to a few sessions, get a feel for how welcoming they are, thesort of sessions they are putting on, what the coaches are like etc. You'll get more from one you feel part of, encouraged by and supported than one that isn't!
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Triathlon England put on Go Tri events for the complete beginner to have a go and get the feel for Triathlon with easy to manage distances, have a look at the link to see if there is something near you,

    One of your local clubs might even be involved in the organisation of a Go Tri event


  • I'm a member of Manchester Tri who have two levels of membership. Bronze where you pay per training session or Gold where everything is included. The Gold pays for itself if you attend more than one session per week. We have countless sessions every week, and the coaches are superb.

    I certainly get what I pay for, and if the Evolution club is similar then the cost seems reasonable to me.

    And I have improved so much this year too.



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