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recovery after a race

Hi all I'm looking for some advice on recovery after a sprint distance race I would like to think I'm at a decent level as I have won my age group at Every race I've done this year, I only say this to give an you an idea of where I'm up too, just not too sure about how to recover properly I'm 43 year's old and work long hours as a driver. Never been at this level before and could really do with some good advice of what I should do , to keep going in the right direction thanks in advance


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    what sort of thing are you interested in? what to do immediately after a race, or a more medium term (over a few days/week)? do you have a certain race schedule in mind that you think you need to take recovery into mind for, or just a gap before you hit the training hard again?

  • trisi41trisi41 Posts: 4
    Hi I'm looking for more long term advice really, what to do

    the week after a race, I know everyone is different but some good

    general advice would be much appreciated (sprint distance) races

    is what I'm concentrating on at the moment thanks in advance Simon
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