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Tri bar upgrade


I am new to triathlons, just completing three full sprints and a couple of good team events on the bike.  I am looking to upgrade my Boardman Team Carbon, which is a great bike for me (57 and new to all this), with some tri bars.  However, the current handlebars are tapered from just of centre and someone mentioned that normal tri bars wouldn't be able to be fitted.

Any ideas and types that could fit, or would I need a complete new handlebar set with tri bars?



  • David BDavid B Posts: 16

    If you don't have a good inch of straight bar coming out either side of the clamp then I'm afraid it sounds like you will need a new base bar too ???? you can always sell them on to off set part of the cost

  • TompyTompy Posts: 2

    Thanks David B.  Have about inch and a half either side of the clamp.  Would take it to my LBS but as I am based in Saudi Arabia its a bit difficult as they don't have them out here!!

    Will go to the one near me when I go back in three weeks and ask them.  Thanks again.

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