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Hi I'm new to triathlon and want to get a trisuit. Ive seen some great offerson line but would like to try some on to get an idea of size and feel etc. Can anyone recommend any stockists in the York and Leeds area? Thanks, Rach Ps. And any advice on what to look for in a good suit?


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    I'd be looking for as good a fit as possible, pockets (well, definitely useful for middle distance, probably for oly, too), perhaps a bit of compression. Some womens trisuits have extra bust support which may be relevant to you. Go faster red stripes would be a plus.
  • Hi rach,  tri (see what I did there) triangle in horsforth, leeds. Or chevin cycles, the harrogate branch (rather than ilkley) I believe now stock tri suits etc. both will give good advice. Particularly the bloke who runs triangle is a big triathlete and works with the brownlees, so he knows what he's talking about. You need a tight fitting, comfy suit, I like one with a couple of rear pockets for gels etc. 


    good luck. Paul


  • I have had three tri suits since I started racing and my current suit is by far the best. It's a Huub and it fits well and looks great. The mesh fabric on the back keeps you cool and there's gel pocket on the side where the contents don't get in the way. I don't normally like built-in support (I don't really need it) but in this suit it's very comfortable and the red gives a good flash of colour when you're hot and undo the zip. The red trim elsewhere on the design helps to define the suits from all the other black trisuits out there. Not sure if you can get them in shops - I ordered mine online and the sizing was just what I would have expected.

    On a more general note, I would strongly advise getting a suit that zips on the front. My first one zipped on the back and it was pain doing it up. Also, I would recommend avoiding suits that have white fabric. The white material around the neck and arms on my second suit discoloured so they looked a dirty yellow.

    Hope you find something that you like and good luck with your first tri!


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    sarah makes a good point about white on trisuits. getting discoloured is one problem, but they can also go a bit see-through when they get wet.

    you wouldn't want to discover you have inadvertently bought a 'naked suit' as you get out of the water...  

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