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Talkback: Ten UK triathlons with challenging open-water swims

Just done Bamburgh 70.3 a few weeks back as they changed the swim to 3 laps of a smaller circuit but forgot to move the buoys in! So 3 x 950 m loops :( but not bothered as doing IM wales in less than 4 weeks whoop :)


  • Wales done :) city to summit next year
  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Nice work Andy, how did you get on in Wales?

  • @jamie 220 thanks and sorry for not replying sooner i dont seem to get updates on posts, Wales swim was v hard because of the 5-6ft waves , just done the Celtman which was the toughest race so far the swim was not too cold or im getting too used to it as did 1h19 min compared to 1h40 in Wales
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