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Swimming in circles

Hi All

When swimming I find myself heading off to the right pretty much straight away, in fact the only time I've managed to swim in a straight line is when the tide has been working against me. I'm pretty useless at swimming as it is and I've my first tri this weekend so I'd rather not have to swim further than I need to. I realise this might be quite a hard one to pinpoint the problem of but just wondered if anyone could shed some light. As mentioned I'm not a good swimmer so I imagine my technique is shocking, I breathe every two strokes on the right hand side if that helps? Oh and to top it off I haven't figured out how to spot properly!

Thanks in advance


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    do you drift right in the pool as well? if you are breathing on the right then it might be part of the problem, and it also suggests your stroke is a bit unbalanced. i'm not sure whether learning to regularly breathe on your left would be enough on its own to correct your drift, but you have something in your technique you need to address if you want to stop it. 

  • bigol51bigol51 Posts: 5

    Thank you for the reply. Yeah the same goes in the pool, obviously I notice a lot quicker as I hit the lane rope or another swimmer!
    I expect I have some serious corrections to make technique wise as I haven't had lessons since childhood so I've just been using trial and error and I don't feel very efficient at all!

  • breathe every stroke even at the beginning of the race, breathe at both sides is possible

    here is a cool Video I watched when I'm having the same problem http://goo.gl/Yfdaek

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113

    If you know you drift off, then compensate, sight more often, follow someone else, providing they swim in a straight line.

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