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Talkback: Explained: plantar fasciitis

I have suffered with Plantar Faciitis intermittently for the last 5 years. Prior to taking up triathlon this year, I was a club level (just below county) squash player and my plantar faciitis was worse during this time. Since taking up triathlon, it has flared up once - I'm suffering with it now, but I know the reason why. Tight calves after cramping up coming off the bike in my last tri. Ice massage and having a sports masseur sticking his elbow into the sole of your foot seems to help! I swear by it!


  • I tried lots of remedies for PF (ice, rolling feet on golf ball, stretching feet etc) and nothing worked. Someone suggested that it could be caused by tight calves and as soon as I used a trigger point grid roller on my calves and stretched them, it disappeared. The PF flares up now and again but always goes when I use the roller.
  • Sue 23Sue 23 Posts: 1
    I bought a pair of 'Orthaheel's from Boots which I now wear all the time for walking and running. Almost instant cure and it hasn't come back!
  • I had PF quite badly a few years ago, and my therapist suggesting wearing a light rubber boot at night, to keep my foot at 90 degrees while sleeping so that the tendon didn't stretch more. I also practiced Danny Dreyer's 'Chi Running' technique, in which you run leaning forward and planting mid-foot. One of the two treatments, or both, worked so well that 3 weeks later I did the tough 12-day Annapurna Circuit in Nepal without pain or problems, and a week after getting back did an OD in respectable time (for me!) Brian Wilkie, Dubai
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