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Cross - Specialized v's Focus

Getting my first cross bike this winter, narrowed down to;

Spesh Crux Elite Carbon Evo 2015 (http://www.specializedconceptstore.co.uk/crux-elite-carbon-evo/33286/15crux)


Focus Mares CX 2.0 2015 (http://www.northernride.com/Focus-Mares-CX-2-0-2015-2299-p/focus-mares-cx-2.0-2015.htm)

Anyone got any suggestions for which to go for/ help decide?

I'll be using it to mainly do road/ trail riding and expect to race 3-4 cross races over the course of the winter.
(Hence going for the Evo version of the Crux which has the bigger chainrings - which I'd change on the build for the Focus too).



  • also, does anyone know if they changed the seatpost on the specialized from last years' model or is it the same one? (heard stories that the clamp on this didn't hold the saddle in place as soon as you hit the off-road hard....)

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