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Deep wheels selection


Im looking to upgrade last years allow purchase to something more geared for racing. i race once a month and would like something faster for that extra push and self belief that i can really nail it! 

races are mixed, undulating, flatfish and hills.

i weigh 80-85kg and ride aggressively


I was thinking of something of the 50-60mm deep, and carbon/alloy route.

I've seen the following and was wondering i may have missed something in my selection....
Zipp 60's, £750 58mm (includes 2x G4000's!)


3T £710 63mm





  • Hiya


    That's a great price for the Zipp 60s and they are the 'benchmark' carbon wheelset too. I don't think you can go wrong with them, they have a brilliant reputation for a reason.

    Others you might want to look at are the FFWD 60s - they are a really beautiful, handbuilt pair and arguable better wheels for a similar money. You can usually find them for about £750 if you look around. A couple of the elites that I coach ride them, and they are beautiful wheels.

    Regardless, buying 60mm wheels will make you feel a lot faster!


  • Hi Rob,


    Thanks for the input, i was offered the fr60's in a shop for 890 last week... very nice wheels. have decided to go for the Zipp's. Wasn't actually thinking of the build process other than the carbon not being flared (which i think the 3T's are)


    Zipps should be here in a few days!

    Thanks for your thoughts Rob

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