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Well I think we can say that I have well and truely caught the tri bug and am now starting to think about next year/season.

This year I have totally ignored open water as I haven't got a wetsuit and didn't want to splash out on one in case i decided tri wasn't for me, but all that has changed and I want to get out of the pool and into lakes and rivers.

Now cash is (unfortunatley) in short supply in Casa L, so the wetsuit is going to have to be from a budget range and a Christmas present, but is this the best time to buy?

I would guess that for the best deal, we should wait until the 2009 range comes out, or wait for the January sales (if such a thing exists in the world of tri).

So has anyone got any recommendations on :

a - the best tiem of year to buy a wetsuit

b - a good budget (£100 max) wetsuit.



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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    There was a review of wetsuits a couple of issues back, I'm sure of it. I think the issue had an open water theme.......it was a very good review. Ah! Issue 222 I believe - they've still got stock of it.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Contact the places that hire out wetsuits now as they will be selling off the ones poeple decided to return to them very soon.. bargains to be had.
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    ..... or hire one yourself for next year / season. www.wetsuithire.co.uk

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    hey linds

    I have a foor Quantum which i hired from Triuk and its great has loads of buoyancy in the legs to help keep me flatter in the water as im not the best swimmer (yet) and the fit is great, dont know how it rates in reviews etc but id recommend it. ive just finished my first year and i reckon theres at least one more season before my swimming warrants a better one.

    i know Triuk are currently selling off this years ex hires from £50 hope thats some help mate


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    My local tri shop says next years wetsuits will be on the racks very soon, and one of the local bike shops which does tri stuff is also trying to get rid of his remaining stock of this years suits, so there should defo be some bargains around. Just make sure you haggle !!

    BUT !!!!!... before you buy I would try on as many different suits from different manufacturers as you can as even the slightest diference in the cut of a suit can make a huge difference in comfort
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    Hire one, then buy it at the end of the year if you like it.

    [ul][*]If you hate open water, somepeople do, you can give the wetsuit back and run! (£25 ish lost)

    [*]If you love it and love the suit - buy it! Cheaper than new.

    [*]If you love open water, but hate the suit, give it back and try another.[/ul]

    See TriUK website...

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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Cheers for the tips.

    Looking at the websites, it appears that the date for returning wetsuits runs for the next 2 or 3 weeks, so i will keep my eyes open for a bargin.
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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    Whilst Blue Seventy isn't quite budget, I think if you can muster up a little extra money, you won't regret it. (ps - I'm not a rep for Blue Seventy)
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