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Running a Sprint Triathlon


I'm part of a team of people who are trying to organise our own sprint triathlon. I'm rather cheekily on here to ask if anyone else has ever done this and if so do they have a breakdown of all the tiny elements it takes to run an event like this? Or if they have any documentation that would help. I'm trying to ensure we don't miss anything off our plan.  Any contributions would gratefully be received.

Thank you,



  • Hi, are you trying to do this for yourself /selves or as a public event - for fun, charity or profit? I've been part of a team that has set up and run a public event for the last 8 years, started off with a small pilot event with a closed/known entry field, now grown to around 150 sprint entrants, and also run a junior aquathlon event for sub-14s, as a feeder event.....

    We have been very lucky to have excellent relationships with a local tri club and voluntary organisations for equipment and marshalling help.

    Where are you based geographically? We've tuned our organising to an annual checklist but I'm loathe to just pass it across because there's a bunch of stuff unwritten too.....


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