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Hi All,

I am currently looking to set my self up for a great triathlon season next year by getting some online coaching for over the winter through to next year.

I'm looking to participate in both sprint and Olympic length triathlons and because there are so many online companies, I am looking for some recommendations from you lovely people.

Any help/guidance is appreciated,



  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Hi Luke

    Where are you based?  Not that matters much with online coaching (I am currently coaching someone via Training Peaks in the Middle East!).  Have a look at my website (details below) and send me a message if you want more information or just want to have a chat.  I'm happy to help


  • Hi GavinP,

    I'm actually located just south of Cambridge so I'm certainly not too far away

    I'll drop you an email later today to discuss further what I'm ideally looking for and hopefully you may be able to help me out.



  • Hi Luke

    I'd be happy to have a chat with you regarding coaching - as I'm sure many other coaches would be! As you've said, there are a lot of coaches out there and it can be difficult to know what to look for sometimes.

    My personal advice would be to come up with a few ideas of what you hope a coach can do for you - then talk to a few different ones, ask for examples of how they write the training plan for you and your life, what level of contact you get with the coach (email, text, phone, twitter, facebook, etc) - and how that will suit you. Of course, there's the cost to consider as well!

    I'd also advise you to ask for a couple of references from athletes they have coached that have been at the level you are at, and the results they've managed to achieve with the help of the coach.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions : coachrobwilby (at) oxygenaddict.com or have a look at my website (details below.)

    No obligation - we can have a chat on the phone, and if we're not a good fit then I might well be able to recommend another coach for you to speak with.


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