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Talkback: What’s a good triathlon time?

You have made my day! I am 54 and completed a half distance with UK Triathlon in 5hrs 50 and so I guess not too bad for my age. I have entered Ironman Staffs 70.3 and will be aiming for 5hrs 30


  • ARAR Posts: 3
    Hello, your post would be great if you could give some statistics/trends based on past competitions for each age group (best/average/...)

  • Hi, I am an age grouper 50-55 and in Argentina to be at top ten in this categorie you will need:

    Sprint 1:10, Olimpic 2:20 Half 5:00 and IM 10:30.

    I think this times are very conservative and you will be at the middle of the table.
  • F AG 45-49 Sprint 1.09, Standard 2.09, Half 4.45 - I think you have been very generous
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Good is clearly pretty relative... Sprint Distance 1:30... you needed to go circa 60 minutes round Eton Dorney (probably one of the fastest courses but also a touch long on the bike) to get a GB place and the slowest qualifier for the Worlds last year would have done a 1:10 in the hills up north. I think closer to 1:15-1:20 would be a good time.

  • The question was what a good time should be for a "newbie" to triathlons. The times that they have given was for top elites and a solid age grouper.

    The times stated above are for finishing high up the field (Top 10)......... would that represent a "good" result for a newbie.........to me that is more "excellent" or "bloody marvellous". 

    To those who posted above, what were your first triathlon finishing times (and distance) and how did you feel about the result? I think that would give a more realistic expectation of a "good" time for a newbie.

    My first was 2:40 for an Olympic distance, I finished just in the top half of the field. I thought it was a satisfactory result. Originally I'd set a target time of 3 hours.......it's funny how the training raises expectations.


  • sub 2.10 Oly; 4.43 70.3 & 10.41 IM well below the mark for 30-34. At 50+ makes me feel young again :)
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    JWP - my first Tri was an Olympic, 2:30:24 and was targeting 2:30 (I view this as the triathlon equivalent of a circa 3hr marathon)

  • Different factors come into this, 1. the course 2. weather.

    If you use the individual disciplines 40 mins 1 mile swim, 20km bike 40 mins, 10km run 40 mins, 5km run 20mins etc.

    Then bracket them to suit your ability.

    These are averages so anything under for a total novice is going to be good. But its easy to forget our first tri and the feelings and mess ups we have done
  • Having completed my First EVER triathlon this year Ironman Wales in 13.23 ( I under estimated the run and thought with this being my strongest discipline I would be fine) I was in the top half of the standings 708/1600 .... after this ive decided that Tri is for me and already im entering 70.3s for next year with a target of going sub 12.30 in 2016 once again back at IM wales

  • What about Xterra?
  • I think these times are good times for newbies to aim for, as is the description at the beginning of this article, all the comments about to ten in age group or qualifying for this that and the other are not helpful, these times are for beginners and are good targets. God luck and we'll done to anyone who gets them!!!!!!
  • Tubby 35yr old beginner


    First Sprint (500pool/21kRide/5kRun) 1:27 

    First Olympic (1500OW/ 'HILLY' 40k ride/20kRun)  3:23


    Some of us are just there to finish!!

  • Andrew Morrison wrote (see)

    JWP - my first Tri was an Olympic, 2:30:24 and was targeting 2:30 (I view this as the triathlon equivalent of a circa 3hr marathon)

    I guess it depends on your strengths.... a 3hr marathon is very tough. It requires a very good endurance runner. A 2.30 Olympic is also tough but allows you to have strengths and weaknesses you can play to, and if biking is a strength you're in a very good position from the get go!

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