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I am looking to book a training camp for early next year and wondered if anyone could recommend any that they have been on. 

Ideally, I would like some focus on swim technique and this is an area I really need some work on. I am currently looking at the following;

RG Active

Girona Cycling

Tri Camp

Les Stables

I have been out to Lanzarote a couple of times so would like a change . Mallorca is the main destination in the mix but happy to take feedback on any destinations.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    my tri club have been to les stables quite a few times (they have a planned trip next spring i think) and there has never been anything but positive comments about it from those that have gone. Sibs in particular gets a lot of credit for her swim coaching in both the pool and the river. 

  • Brilliant, thank you Ris

  • I would suggest to anyone searching for a training camp to look at www.whichtrainingcamp.com. They are on-line catalogue (so they're not trying to sell you any packages) on companies, venues, coaches and they even have a calendar with all the camps listed. When we've contacted them with any questions they have always been extremely helpful, coming back straight away and with the right amount of detail.

    Hope that helps and good luck in your search 

  • TTS Camp starts in Jan/Feb 2015. I am going on it (www.ttscamp.co.uk) and cannot wait. Will give you feedback when I return!!!


  • If you would like to change for smth new, try Madeira island google 2madeira sports training camp. Hope you`ll like it

  • stayce88stayce88 Posts: 3
    Where would be a good place to go for a month to do some solo training in july?
  • Stayce, check https://2madeira.com sports camps
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