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Tri buddy

I am an age grouper that has got in to Tri's at the 'mature' end of the scale.  Having got the bug and done 6 in the last couple of years imagine my disappointment when, recovering from a knee operation, my consult advised me that I should not run competitively any more.  I still work on my swimming and cycling (no impact) and would like to be part of a relay team.  Is there a web site or organisation where one can offer their services for a least popular leg (pardon the pun)?


  • Recommend you go on Twitter, there is a very active Tri community... search @uktrichat and post something. Good luck...

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i would think you could fins people in your local tri club, or even online tri club (there are a few, runner's world 'pirates', tri talk, bcttt) who would happily join in with you if they have members nearby. 

    i know that with the bcttt we have an annual club champs race and we encourage as many people to race who can. those that can't swim, or run, or bike are often substituted with members happy to do those bits on their behalf. 

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