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Anyone know of an affordable coach?

Does anyone know of an affordable triathlon or cycling coach?  My strength is swimming and I am part of a running club but in 2014 my bike times didn’t improve much as I mainly ride rather than train on the bike.  I have looked around on the internet but all of the coaching people I have found are ~£100+  a month for a weekly email which sounds a lot to me.


Any advice or views would be appreciated, if I can get my bike split faster I stand half a chance at going sub 10 hours at Roth which is my aim this year.


Thanks in advance, Martin


  • Hi Martin,

    I have just set up a triathlon coaching business this year, I have space for one more athlete and charge £45/ month for standard coaching. Have a look at my site to find out more information. If you want any more information then please contact me,


    LTR coaching

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168


    I am a level 3 triathlon coach. I charge £75 a month, so not quite as much as you have found elsewhere.  I'm fairly accessible (within limits!) as any business would be.

    Where are you based Martin and what are your expectations for coaching?

    Drop me an email if you wish to find out more or just want to talk.

  • Hi Martin,

     It is worth making sure any coach you do get is a Level 3 coach. Level 2 coaches are not qualified to coach on a 1-2-1 basis. It is an idea to enquire with local clubs to see if they have a level 3 coach or speak to local triathletes and ask who they recommend. I was coached by my club coach last year (£50 a month) and found it really helpful to sit with him and just chat things over. Each months plan was written as a result of my feedback, results and his own observations so it was a tailored plan. Also it is great to have someone on the end of a phone to ring for help when you get injured or have a bad race, etc... It is just my opinion that having that real personal touch is beneficial.

    Good luck

  • It depends what you class as reasonable.  I know Team Dillon have various levels of coaching packages.  Including Michelle Dillon (ex Olympian), Stuart Haye(Olympian) and Emma Pallant.  prices range from £170-250

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