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Talkback: How to choose a turbo trainer

Hi really enjoyed this. I actually run a dedicated turbo trainer website and there are some pretty cool trainers that come close to making indoor training fun.

I've recently tested & reviewed 2, a Bkool Pro and a Kinetic Rock & Roll with inRide. Both these are higher priced trainers but the data and interactive training experience makes indoor training a lot more motivational. They even encourage you to train longer and more frequently.

The Rock & Roll trainer testing can be seen here: http://turbobiketrainer.com/kinetic-rock-and-roll-turbo-trainer-review-2015/


  • JonoM2JonoM2 Posts: 2
    I'd also recommend the training area either be on a ground floor or above an empty room, such as a garage. Most trainers will vibrate a bit, increasing with how hard one pedals, so people downstairs may think there's a large truck passing or mild earthquake going on during training sessions.
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