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Blueseventy Helix 2015 or HUUB Archimedes 3:5

Hi Team, I am racing in the Swiisman Xtreme Tri this year so have decided to upgrade my suit. I can get a good deal on both of these suits but i am struggling to choose between them. I am quite a strong swimmer over the long course but feel that my current budget 2xu is restricting my movement and progression.

Any points of view from fellow member especially on the new Helix would be much appriciated.


  • Hi,

    I haven't tried the new Helix, but can vouch for the Huub suits - I have the Arch2 in the 3:5 and the flexibility in the arms is incredible.  It more flexible than the old Helix all over and much lighter - I would say that the Huub Arch1 or Aerious (which I have also had) are more flexible than anything else I had used prior to these being on the market. 


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