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Auckland lapped runners

MazMaz Posts: 12

Having watched the highlights of the Auckland WTS races was interested to see Yonah drafting behind Jonny Brownlee having been lapped. He appeared to be warned by an official in transition at the start of the last lap but continued. It seems he was later disqualified For running with an athlete having been lapped. Fair enough. 

The interesting issue is that in the women's race a similar thing happened with a more disturbing twist. 

The ladies second place Zaferes lapped her compatriot Kasper and Kasper then dropped in behind as per Yonah in the men's race. 

as the coverage cut back and for to the leader and Zaferes it appears that she was then clearly taking a tow off the lapped runner Kasper yet to date neither has been DQ'd. 


I'm confused and not a little disappointed given what Andrea Hewitt was penalised for. Was she wrongly denied second??


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    The elite athletes are not allowed to run with other athletes that are one or more laps ahead of them on the run. 

    Yonah would have been warned by an official, if he ignored the warning (which it seems like he did) he would be DQ'd

    Kasper (a lapped runner) ran behind Zaferes for a while, if Kasper was given a warning by an official and she heeded the warning and  dropped back Kasper would not be DQ'd

    It was not Zaferes problem when Kasper ran in front of Zaferes when Kasper is the athlete causing the infringement.

    Andrea Hewitt was given a 15 second time penalty for littering, she admitted dropping a gel wrapper on the course.

    IMO a fair result.

  • MazMaz Posts: 12

    I've just re watched the hightlights to make sure we were watching the same race. And I reiterate it was just the highlights on the BBC. 

    Zaferes joins Kasper on either the 2nd or 3rd lap and the pair clearly run together till the end of the race, significantly longer than what you state was a 'while' And potentially for anything close to or even over 5km. 

    They can be see at several points either running side by side or at one point with Kasper in front.

    You say it's not a problem at for her if Kasper runs in front but surely it is a problem if the lapped athlete gives assistance to the other?? there must be rules that state a lapped runner cannot then surge ahead of supposedly the faster runner, offer assistance or a tow?

    The pair clearly ran together untill Zaferes finished as Kasper can be seen starting her last last lap as Zaferes finishes. 

    The question is why was no warning given to Kasper on the day as per Yonah in the men's race and more worryingly no DQ also as per Yonah after the event??

    Most worrying though is the fact that the ladies second place clearly had assistance from a lapped runner over several kilometres when the ladies third place only finished 16 seconds behind. 




  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    I watched all the race on Triathlon live TV.

    It looks like Zaferes catches Kasper just as Zaferes is entering transition to start her last lap. Kasper did run in front of Zaferes but on Triathlon live TV it only showed for a few seconds as the camera was on Jorgenson most of the time.

    I don't know why Kasper was not given a warning or DQ'd

  • MazMaz Posts: 12

    Roger that. It'll be interesting now to see how this pans out as it  clearly asks some questions regarding consistency. Over to the ITU????????????

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