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Wake up routine

Afternoon All, 


Last weekend I did my first triple discipline event - the GoTri Cannock min Tri, as I slowly prepare for the Cheshire Sprint Tri at the end of May. 

While I managed a Sprint Duathlon (4k/25k/4k) in March, I wanted to do this mini tri (250m/10.5k/1.6k) to see how my body dealt with a 'wet' transition going from swim to bike.  

The answer was:   RUBBISH

Out of T1 the bike course started with two  3%hills  over the first 3-4k. My legs just didin't want to work!!! it was like they were asleep and I had no power! (normally I monster hills) 

Are there any tricks to getting your legs 'awake' and ready when you come out of T1? there aren't many opportunities for me to Practise wet T1's as I'm not sure how keen my local pool would be on my running through reception dripping wet. 

thanks in advance!






  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i've not experienced this myself, but wonder whether you need to try a good bout of kicking toward the end of the swim - to try and push some blood there and just give those muscles a little prod that it's going to be time to get moving.

    couple of 5-10s bursts should be enough, but not enough to wipe you out. 

  • I was thinking that may get be an option or sprinting between the pool and T1 if possible

  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Another advocate for kicking hard in the last 100m or so of the swim, to get the blood circulating in the legs.

    Same goes with spinning the pedals in an easy gear heading into T2
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