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Talkback: Five ways to add more bike speed for £500

Wheels wise, i was looking at the same but with the Euro as it is, ended up with some Vision T30's for £260 (https://www.bike24.com/1.php?content=8;navigation=1;product=50943;page=3;menu=1000,4,123,30;mid=77;pgc=0). They're much lighter at around 1500g as opposed to 1800 for the others mentioned.


  • I'm very happy with my zuus 88 2 year warranty knocked 2 minutes off my 10 mile tt time. Look the business and only £399. Great service next day delivery.

    The placebo effect of carbon wheels is well worth it my zuus make me smile every time I ride them, my heavy slow askiums are in the loft and the price of zuus wheels means I can use them all the time. Give them a try I did and I haven't looked back.
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