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Felt B16 2013 -52cm frame

Due to life catching up with me and buying a house and having a baby I now need to sell my Felt B16. It had a great season but has then been sat looking rather forlorn and unused in my garage for all of last year. There was a hope that this year it would get to stretch it's legs but the new arrival has taken steps to stop my training therefore with a heavy heart I am currently selling the bike.


2013 Felt B16 with Ultegra group set. 52cm frame. Wheels are the standard TTR4.


I did have a slight fall whilst competing in the 113 so there is a scratch on the saddle and handle bar (left hand side so gears not hit!). Pictures are attached. Superficial damage only.

 Looking for £900 ono.

Any questions then let me know.

Cheers Andrew


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