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Coeliac Disease

I have coeliac disease and could do with tips on nutrition!

I struggle getting my nutrition right during the day which is impacting on training! I tend to eat a lot of fruit for snacks but when I run, this doesn't agree with me if I overload!

What do fellow coeliac sufferers use as snacks?

And what foods do you consume other than energy gels during a race?



  • Hi Matthew! 

    Although I'm not a coeliac myself, I thought I may still be able to offer some suggestions!  

    In terms of snacks during the day I have anything from: nuts, nakd bars, yogurt mixed with oats, yogurt and berries, rice cakes with cashew butter (any nut butter) or perhaps a smoothie. 
    I found the same sort of thing with fruit on my runs, so perhaps a rice cake (or similar) with a nut butter and a little chopped banana could help keep you going on your run? 

    And in terms of foods during a race, depending on the distance, you could perhaps try making oaty flapjack bars but using GF oats instead? Or homemade energy balls - dates, nut of choice and cocoa for flavour. During a recent sportive I took a couple of fruit & oat bars with me plus a banana,  nakd bar and a couple of other pieces to snack along during the course of the race - whilst also picking a couple of bits up from the food stations. 

    Hope that was somewhat helpful!  

  • Alasdair-GAlasdair-G Posts: 21

    Hi Matthew,

    My wife and I are Gluten intolerant, so to an extent we know your pain.


    I make energy balls like those above but using chia seeds that work well for middle/full distance events.  As well as flapjack using Agave syrup and dried apricots/nuts.  If you are having tummy trouble I would avoid date/figs although they are great at binding food (energy balls/flapjack) together. There have been some recipes in 220 earlier this year which you could customize to remove the gluten.

    I too struggle to find GF energy bars so everything is homemade.

    Other than that I mainly use powder drinks and energy gels.

    Would you like a couple of recipes?


  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    My mother was diagnosed as Coeliac later in life. I love bread but it no longer seems to love me so at 49 I suspect I may be going the same way. I'd love some GF or very low gluten recipes to try please.

  • I was diagnosed coeliac 2 weeks ago. I'm 'transitioning' to a true GF diet, but its difficult - as my go to fuel choice is pasta (especially the Chris McCormack routine of lasagne the night before a race!)

    I've found that I'm not a fan of GF pasta, so I now eat a lot of rice. I was also recommended 9 Bar energy bars too as they are GF too. The Indulge Chocolate and Raspberry are my favourite.

    As someone who doesn't like nuts, I've struggled to find 'flapjack type' recipes I actually want to eat. I think a lot of it will be trial and error. I've been looking on Google and PInterest for recipes and there's a whole world of GF food out there!

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