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Age at start


What age did you start triathlon? I am 29 an considering training and plan to do one next year.


what age did you start?


  • Wish I had started at 29, left it 20 years late and took it up at 49. 

    My biggest regret was putting it off, have had 3 years and love it to death. 

    Why wait until next year, get a sprint done now and you will be sniffing around for an Olympic before the years out. 

    Don't wait, plenty of events out there and you will be glad you did it!!!



  • swissgavswissgav Posts: 2
    Started this year at 37. Love it and hope I can enjoy it for a good few years to come.
  • ross77ross77 Posts: 3

    I'm 38 and I started training two months ago. Doing my first event (a sprint) in September. Really wish I'd started ten years ago though!

  • ok, thats cool to know i plan on starting this year and racing next year, need to get fit and loose weight.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i think i was 31 when i did my first sprint. 

    why wait a year? if you can do the distances on their own then consider finding a local sprint and have a go! there are lots of locally run events that give a brilliant entry to the sport.

  • I started triathlon's last year at the age of 34. As Ris says, why wait a year? There are plenty of 'pool based' sprints about. If you can do the distances on their own, have a crack! Everyone says the same thing after their first one - 'Why did I wait so long?!'

  • Started last year aged...errr 41/42. Did sprint, Olympic and half last year. Doing IM in 2 weeks. Nervous as hell. Wish I was at least 10yrs younger so I could give it a really good go.
  • OhneillOhneill Posts: 15

    2009 aged 43 years & 11 months and still going & loving it!

  • Another Who started aged 49
  • Alasdair-GAlasdair-G Posts: 21

    Aged 30 for first tri all pool based sprints / Standards for 2 years until this year when I will be doing a 70.3 in Dublin and also bought a wetsuit to start some outdoor tri's


    I'm very impressed with the number of 40+ starters, so much better than taking up golf?  Or is it that the kids have grown up a bit?


    Don't wait to start you never know what life may throw at you to get in your way.  Also there are always so many shapes / sizes / age ranges at every tri nobody is there to judge you, ( they will most likely look at your gear though!)  Don't be put off, I started with a dualthlon on a 10 year old hybrid bike and my wifes bike had a kick stand! She did not have to rack it!


    Good luck to therealcjhill, Bolton I presume?



  • Wish my kids were grown up, I have to fit my training around 1 year old triplets!!!!!!
  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    34 when I did my first Sprint this year

  • Sam181Sam181 Posts: 6

    The beauty is it does not matter anyway- as you are just competing against your age group. Some people start in their 60s and have a great 20 year career out of it!

    (PS I am not in my 60s! )

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